Troop 366 Scout Fund Allocation from Fundraising



For troop fundraising events, which the committee awards profit sharing opportunities to the individual participating scout, the following distribution rules apply:


Scout activities allowing the boys to earn commissions will go to the individual scout account to be used for Boy Scout purposes ONLY.  In the event the funds are in question, the Treasurer and Scoutmaster will make the final decision as to the award of funds based on the following criteria:


  1. The actual dollar or percentage commissions due the scout will be based on the individual fundraising activity as approved by the troop committee.


  1. Any and all outstanding troop expenses MUST be paid before payment is awarded.

        If the scout has dues or other troop expenses, these costs MUST be paid before awarding funds.


  1. All funds are for scout related activities only

        Summer camp, Troop or Council activities, merit badge activities or equipment or personal camp equipment.


  1. The scout may accumulate funds from fundraiser to fundraiser as well as year to year, saving for future scout activities.


  1. Scouts transferring to another troop will receive payment into the new troop.

        After all Troop 366 outstanding expenses are paid in full, the scout MUST send written information to Troop 366 with the new troop treasurer contact and address to forward the funds to.  The scout has 6 months to communicate this transfer before the funds are no longer available.


  1. Scouts leaving Boy Scouts or transferring to another troop without written transfer information will NOT receive payment.  Any remaining funds will go directly into the Troop 366 general fund, once all outstanding troop expenses are applied.  The scout has 6 months after his resignation to either re-join Troop 366 or join another troop before the funds are no longer available.



To receive funds, the scout MUST provide Troop 366 Treasurer.