Scout Info

Uniform Requirements
Scoutmaster Conferences and Boards of Review

The uniform policy for Scoutmaster Conferences and Boards of Review is as follows: Proper uniform to include all correct patches, name tag, neckerchief, belted pants, latest Boy Scout service star (if one has been earned), Merit Badge sash (if you have earned merit badges).  A uniform inspection will occur, and if it is determined that the uniform is incomplete, the Scout will be required to reschedule the meeting.

Uniform guidelines are posted on the this web site under the Guidelines and Policies page.  Your Boy Scout Handbook also shows the correct placement of patches and badges.  The Senior Patrol Leader can help inspect your uniform, so check with him for guidance.

Proper uniforms are an asset to every Scout on their path to Eagle and will help keep Troop 366 at a high level of excellence.

Looking for Event Information?

You will find event information in the calendar on this web site and in emails that are forwarded from the Troop email address.  If you have any questions, please contact the ASPL of Events.

Important Information Concerning BSA Medical Requirements

In order to comply with BSA regulations, everyone that attends Troop outings involving strenuous activity such as high adventure, extended backpacking, high altitude, extreme weather conditions, remote location trips, and Camp Alexander must have a Class III physical.  Adults over 40 must also have a Class III physical for outings exceeding 72 hours, resident camping, tour camping, and long hikes.

As you schedule doctor's appointments, please keep this in mind and have your doctor fill out and sign a Class III form.  Keep the original on file and make a copy to turn in each time you attend an outing such as the ones mentioned above.

Class III physicals are good for one year so check the dates and make sure your physicals do not expire before events you plan to attend.

Because of privacy concerns and the overwhelming task of tracking and maintaining physical forms, the Troop will NOT keep forms on file.  Copies turned in will be shredded after each trip, unless you request it be returned.

You will be notified in advance of each trip if there is a Class III requirement.

A standard Troop Medical/Permission form will still be required for ALL Scouts and adults attending any Troop outing.

Troop Equipment

Equipment available for loan

To all Scouts and parents, if you have a need for a tent, cooking utensils, pack stoves or water filters, you can check these items out with your Quartermaster.  Please make your reservation request at least one Troop meeting before your needs.  In emergency, 72 hours minimum is needed to check out the equipment.

Troop trailer

Those needing the Troop trailer, also need to make your request one Troop meeting prior to your event.  Please provide a general list of items you need to make sure they are in the trailer for your event and not in storage.

Equipment consolidation/return

The Troop is consolidating and inventorying all equipment and would appreciate any equipment be returned to your Quartermaster.

Donations gladly accepted

Those of you who are cleaning closets, garage or storage sheds, the Troop welcomes equipment donations (receipts provided).

Any items which no longer fit or are no longer used would be greatly appreciated.

Please have items in good clean order for use by your fellow Scouts.

Any questions or requests, please contact your Quartermaster.

Troop 366 Advancement Notebooks

The individual Scout advancement notebooks will hopefully help all of our Scouts to keep their records and awards organized.  This notebook, along with the Scout Handbook, will be required at each Scoutmaster Conference and Board of Review for Tenderfoot through Eagle.  The TroopMaster reports in the front of the notebook should be updated by the Scout prior to each Scoutmaster Conference.  For example, the "Individual History Report" should be updated with the requirement sign off dates from the Scout Handbook; any activity updates should be noted on the "Scout Individual Participation Report".  These updates will then be turned in at the Board of Review so that TroopMaster can be updated.  Replacement reports will be generated and returned to the Scout.

New and transferring Boy Scouts will receive an advancement notebook when they join the Troop.

Please see the Membership Coordinator if you have any questions about the "Scout Personal Data" report.  Questions about the "Individual History" report should be directed to the Advancement Coordinator.  Questions about the "Participation&" report should be directed to the Activities Coordinator.