Scrapbook Adventures

2013 Summary

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Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Campout 01/19-20/2013

Venture Patrol Ice Climbing 02/02/2013

Turkey Creek Campout 03/15-17/2013

Junior Leader Training (JLT) 04/13-14/2013

Skills Campout 04/26-28/2013

Flying W Ranch Tree Planging 05/04/2013

Happy Meadows Backpacking Trip 05/17-19/2013

Swim Event 06/01/2013

Camp Cris Dobbins Summer Camp 06/09-13/2013 and 07/27-28/2013

Green River Canoe Trip 07/14-20/2013

Goose Creek Trail Backpacking Trip 09/14-15/2013

Cheyenne Mountain State Park Campout 10/25-27/2013

Junior Leader Training (JLT) 10/19/2013

Webelos Event 11/03/2013

Veteran's Day Flag Retirement 11/09/2013

St. Francis Caroling 12/16/2013


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